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Strategic Planning

"Strategic planning is the act of anticipating and responding to an expected future operating environment by making decisions and allocating!"
   -- Philip T. DiPeri (1990)

The essence of strategic planning is to help an enterprise develop and sustain competitive advantage in the marketplace through unique strategic resources, agility and superior products and services. Strategic planning requires an understanding of how the external environment impacts a firm's ability to create value and recognizes that decisions made today will produce important results at a later date.

"Strategic planning takes, more than anything else, the courage and fortitude to make decisions with little more than a feel for the stick out your neck and lay it all on the line when your crystal clear vision is still fuzzy to others and has yet to take on a form that is recognizable to the rest of the world!"
   -- Philip T. DiPeri (1996)

Key Knowledge Components:  What are our competitors doing? Are consumer tastes changing? What businesses should we be in? How do the various parts of our company fit together?

Typical Engagements:  Mission statement development. Strategy development, evaluation and translation into operational decisions. Feasibility studies. Acquisition studies. New venture evaluation. Information needs analyses. Decision making process development. Executive briefings.

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