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Strategic planning is the process
of making vision-based decisions to deploy current resources
with the potential of leading to a favorable competitive position
in the distant future!

Stonehenge International

Stonehenge International is a general management consulting firm specializing in supporting strategic decision making for high-tech, rapidly growing and other clients whose operating environments are experiencing strategic flux. Our primary mission is to improve the competitive position of industrial, governmental and educational organizations. We focus on amplifying and leveraging our clients' resident planning and decision making capability by improving the quality and use of economically available information.

Our Philosophy

Stonehenge International is committed to providing truly individual consulting service to each client for every engagement. Each engagement is special and unique along its most critical and creative dimensions. While we approach every new engagement with a standard toolbox of problem solving methodologies, we offer only unique solutions designed specifically to meet each client's special needs and situation.

45 Juniper Drive, Suite 536  North Haven, CT 06473-3510   (203) 234-9178