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Data Sheets

Segmenting Your Markets
Segmenting your markets is one method of making the most efficient use of your marketing resources. This datasheet articulates the most important issues related to this very important planning process.

Model Non-Disclosure Agreement
A Non-Disclosure Agreement is essential to help protect your business idea from accidential or purposeful disclosure and from illegally being exploited by other parties. Please consult attorney for applying this document to your individual circumstances.

Model Business Plan Outline
This datasheet is a generic outline for a typical business plan. However, all business plans are unique. Some items on the outline will not be appropriate for your own business. Other items may need to be expanded to address issues of particular relevance to you. Feel free to eliminate, add and rearrange the components to reflect the needs of your business.

Model Private Placement Disclaimer
If you plan to present your business plan to private investors, you will need to include a Private Placement Disclaimer in your document. It must be placed as the first page before any other section. Please consult attorney for applying this document to your individual circumstances.

Feasibility Analysis
Most entrepreneurs are very optimistic about their business idea...and they should be! However, executing a feasibility analysis provides the basis for making rational business decisions. A feasibility analysis asks you to objectively explore and document the critical issues of business startup. As a first step in evaluating any business idea, it is wise to perform a feasibility analysis. This datasheet provides the framework for such an analysis.

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